Your Personal Values and Your Career [EPISODE 50] #Podcast

On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared snippet from the just concluded “Career Blueprint with Segun Akiode” event. 

One of the exercises which I took participants through at Career Blueprint is the center of the podcast episode and I have titled it “Your Personal Values and Your Career”.

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What values are in general? – Values are the beliefs and ideas that are important to you and guide your actions.

Your values are those things in your life that you consider to be important. In relation to work, values are what give purpose to a job in the eyes of the individual who does it. The effort, commitment and motivation that a person brings to a job is usually in direct proportion to the values that they perceive in it. Another name sometimes used for values is motivators.

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Your values are likely to be the main factor in deciding on a career, or a career path within a particular field of employment.

On this episode, you would learn:

  • How your personal values unconsciously decide your career choices
  • How you can be intentional in your career with the aim of achieving career success faster 
  • How you can take the “Values Inventory Test” at the end of the episode

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