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Earlier this week, I was a conference speaker at a gathering of over 350 human resource professionals, and the theme of the event was ‘Leveraging social media platforms for workplace efficiency and effectiveness.’

I must add that the theme is timely. During my session, I gave my own perspective on how social media platforms could be used for human resource development. Today’s article is a highlight of the speech.

The exploding growth of social media has significantly changed the way people communicate at home and workplace. In fact, social media platforms present great opportunities for businesses today; and human resources are not left out.

Recently, CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schlutz, made a comment on the role of social media in an interview with the Harvard Business Review. He said, “Whether you are creating a brand, building one or running a big one, you had better understand social media, because there is a seismic shift in how people gain access to information and, as a result, how they behave.”

Simply, social media is a means of interaction among people in which they create, share and exchange content among themselves in virtual communities or networks called social networks. This connotes that social media are information-based tools and technologies used to facilitate communication.

The above is an excerpt from my post on the iPunch Column of The Punch Newspaper titled “Workplace Demographics and Social Media”  which was published on Friday, April 17, 2015 both online and in print.

Kindly read the Online version of the post here and drop your comments.

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