Why You Should Attend #CareerBlueprint Come April 22, 2017

Career Blueprint is a career development event, tagged ‘4-hours of Intense Career Conversation’, designed to help individuals map out the next 5-years of their career journey.

The first edition of Career Blueprint held in December 2016 and the 8 participants in attendance said I gave out too much for FREE, plus the fact that they went home with a FREE copy of my book Corporate Misfit.

Come April 22, 2017 Career Blueprint would hold again in Lagos, with the aim to help 20-participants plan their career journey for the next 5-years.

In that event, I would be giving an insider scope of how I was able to take the Career Development Space in Nigeria by storm, in that my name now come up anytime career and employability is mentioned, this is more like me telling you how I was able to achieve that feat.

Career Blueprint this time comes with a FEE of #5,000 plus a Complimentary copy of my book#CorporateMisfit.

Registration details are available on the event flyer design below or call 0810 381 3610 to get the details.

 I look forward to have a great time with you come April 22, 2017.

Segun Akiode
Author #CorporateMisfit

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