3 Useful Tips for First-Time Job Seekers By @Funmikehindeng

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#1. Get a professional Email address

I remember telling a friend last week that my first email address ever was funkygal2000@yahoo.com, this was far back as year 2000 when the internet was pretty new to me.  Of course as time evolved, I have accumulated loads of email addresses which I used for various purposes. However as a job seeker or a fresh graduate you want your email address to be something worthy of getting an interview slot from a recruiter. You should know your email address is the first contact a recruiter has with you just before your CV so you have to ensure it is professional and reflective of your image. Examples of ideal email address will be firstnamelastname@emaildomain.com

Email addresses which have phases such as baby, babe, sweet, star etc. are often taken seriously, so kindly stay away from using such so you don’t self-sabotage your chances of getting a job. Just imagine if I had applied for jobs with funkygal2000@yahoo.com in this century, do you think HR manager would take me seriously? I guess not…

It is also good to know that in cases where your email address has been taken you can opt for a dash between your name or a dot such as Firstname-lastname@emaildomain.com or firstname.lastname@email.com while some people opt to add their year of birth to their email addresses- well I would not like to do that as everyone who has my email would know my age, but then again it is totally up to you.

#2. Get a Linkedln Account

Linkedln is a social network for professionals, I joined Linkedln about 5 years ago and I have met so many wonderful professionals there. Linkedln is free and for a job seeker who is looking to secure a role soon, you should definitely use Linkedln to your advantage (I will do a post on that soon).

To open a Linkedln account, you need to visit the site https://www.linkedin.com/enter your email address and your other details. Once that is done, you can fill up your profile with your education, experiences, voluntary work and others. Linkedln is your CV on one page so make sure all the details your fill in are accurate and true. For your profile, you would also need a nice and professional picture of yourself- a head shot against a white background of you dressed in a corporate wear would be appropriate.

#3. Networking

As a new job seeker you need to build your network with people who can help you achieve your goal faster. You can do this by attending professional events and seminars which your target audience would be at, by target audience I mean HR managers, CEOS, MDS, HR professionals and Personal Assistants to top executives.  At networking events always go with a goal in mind- either to get a job on the spot or to get introduced to the contact person to give you the job. Always have your CV both in a hard copy and also saved on your Google drive. Have your pitch ready and be ready to sell yourself on the spot.

So a good pitch would be “Hi Mr Ade, my name is Tola Dada, I am good at solving IT problems such as…. I have exceptional communication, problem solving and team work skills developed from my internship at C&D and also my university studies at XYZ University, I would like an opportunity to apply this skills at ABC Plc while working for you because I am very confident that my skills would bring improved productivity at your organization”

And a bad pitch would be “Hi Mr Ade My name is Tola Dada and I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science and finished with a first class and would like to work at ABC Plc” I hope you see the great difference in both pitches.

First impression matters a lot and it is very important to always be ready to sell yourself. For example-  you don’t see a woman shouting I sell bread on the streets of Lagos, instead you either see her with her bread on her head (chanting to people to buy) or in front of her (if she sells at the market).

I hope this tips have been useful to you and I look forward to reading from you in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

About Funmi: She is an exceptional Business Development Professional with a strong background in Information Technology and a passion for career development and fashion. She runs a blog called CareersWithFunmi. Follow her on twitter – @Funmikehindeng

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