Twitter Conversation: Fresh Graduates: Unemployed Or Unemployable?

On Tuesday, April 15, I Re-tweeted a tweet from my @TFESSAfrica #TweetChat of March 2013 on unemployment or unemployability and the following tweets exchanged happened. Thanks to Emmanuel Michael, @enmichael for his professional inputs 🙂







5 thoughts on “Twitter Conversation: Fresh Graduates: Unemployed Or Unemployable?”

  1. you know somehow i agree & at the same time disagree that employability is the biggest problem. Out there we have graduates willingly to do and take any job at whatever cost, just to get a job & funny enough, employers know this & exploit them. I do agree that employable skills is also lacking. i believe we have lots of issues that is causing unemployment and possessing the right skills for the job is one of them. please lets remember these are graduates that means they went through school then why don’t they have the skills, it seems to me then that our educational system is also one of the issues, If our schools should turn out graduates who posses the right skills for their different profession, i believe it will help prepare them to take on any job. We also have the issue of too many graduates as against the few jobs that are available. every year all over the country tertiary institutions turn thousands of graduate into the labour market meanwhile how many new companies do they open every year. funny we have people who have employable skills & no job, what do we say about such people. i believe the unemployment problem is bigger than having employable skills.

  2. Emmanuel Michael

    The solution – employability and work readiness curriculum should be incorporated into our school programs to address this deficiency.

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