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Social recruiting can be defined as “harnessing the evolution of Web 2.0 technologies and social media tools to communicate, engage, inform, and recruit our future talent”.  The term has become a buzz phrase used throughout the HR world today.

As the use of social media by companies continue to expand, companies are increasingly turning to social recruiting to source candidates for employment. Companies are creating branded Facebook and LinkedIn company pages, tweeting job openings, using Facebook and mobile applications to advertise job openings and accept job applications, and actively networking with and recruiting candidates on social networking sites. [Tweet theme=”basic-border”]Social recruiting is harnessing the evolution of Web 2.0 technologies and social media tools in talent acquisition.[/Tweet]

What’s the best way for employers to effectively use social media to attract qualified candidates?

Jindrich Liska, CEO of Jobmagic, the social media recruiting application for employers, shares his expert advice on social recruiting strategies employers should use to find the top candidates.

Social Recruiting Tips

1. Create a Strong Company Employment Brand on Facebook

Facebook with over 1 billion users is the largest talent pool in the world. Furthermore, Facebook ranks as the #1 website in terms of the user engagement. That explains why more and more major brands are promoting their company Facebook pages over their websites.

Any company, whether Fortune 100 global conglomerate or a corner coffee shop benefit from their strong Facebook company page which features company job openings. Currently, there are over 9 million company Facebook pages with many brands maintaining multiple pages for different geographies, job opportunities or product lines.

2. Publish Engaging Career Content to Reach Large Audiences

To reach a large audience on Facebook companies need to optimize their job postings. On social media, job postings are not found via keyword searching. They are found by sharing, liking, recommending and by other viral actions. If people like what they see – they will share it to their networks.

Create a full featured company career site directly in Facebook on your company Facebook page. Embed rich interactive features such as your company’s YouTube channel into your job postings to increase engagement and make the employment brand memorable.

Enable quick access to company and/or recruiter social media profiles, blogs, and photos. Create superior experience with advanced job search, so candidates can quickly zero down on the most suitable job opportunity. Communicate and enable registration for your career events.

3. Create Positive Experience For Your Networks

Whether you are publishing career content on your company Facebook page or on individual recruiter accounts always strive to create a positive experience for your networks. Share diverse content to your news feed.

Choose interesting topics such as your company culture, interview process, career growth opportunities and general industry employment trends.

Publish job openings only a few times a week and intersperse them among the other news items. Respond quickly to inquiries on your posts and empower recruiters to directly reach to interested candidates. Personalize job openings with individual recruiters, show their names and pictures on each job posting.

4. Empower Employees To Recommend Their Friends

Employee referrals often deliver the highest quality candidates at the lowest cost. Enable your employees to share open job opportunities with their networks. Use professional Facebook applications to make the referrals effortless and engaging. Offer referral bonuses or other perks to reward employees’ contribution to the team.

5. Allow Employees on Facebook

Employees of Department of Defense and many of the most conservative companies have allowed employees on Facebook – it’s about time you allow yours as well. Blocking Facebook on workplace computers while people can access it from their cell phones is at minimum a shortsighted decision or, at worst, makes a company to appear out-of-touch.

Facebook covers all aspects of life – including the professional development. Enable your employees to share content about company latest news and career opportunities, allow them to grow their professional contacts.

***This post was culled from About.Com and was featured on SocialMeep.Com in March, 2013. ***

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