In simple terms, Social Recruiting is the effective use of Social Media or Social Networks by employers to attract, source, engage with and hire candidates. It is a relatively new concept which HR professionals in most parts of the world are using to support their recruitment efforts.

At best Social Recruiting is expected to support the recruitment efforts of organizations and not completely replace it. As a result, it is important to understand how to best leverage social media or social networking sites. About 2 weeks ago, I made an introductory post in this regard, if you missed it, read it here…

In order, to make social recruiting a strategic initiative to find and hire new employees, the following best practices must be adhered to for effective result:

The above is an excerpt from my post on SocialMeep.Com titled “Top 5 Best Practices For Using Social Media To Recruit”. The post was published last week and I had to share with you all today. Click here to read full post…



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