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Social professional networks are the fastest growing sources of quality hire, globally. Recent research says it has increased by 73 per cent in the past four years. As a job seeker, getting ahead of this trend would be beneficial to you. Of all the social professional networks available today, LinkedIn stands out from the pack. […]

Today’s article is based on a LinkedIn message I received from a friend a few weeks ago, just before the last week’s presidential elections. The message is represented here: “Good morning Segun, please get in touch on this mobile with respect to a recruitment assignment.” Such messages only come my way when there is a […]

Every organisation is always in the business of recruitment. On the other hand, potential employees are on the lookout for employment opportunities from organisations that require their skills and competences. The traditional approach is the usual hardcopy job advert and hardcopy job application. Nowadays this trend can be said to be completely non-existent. Who needs […]

It is no longer news that the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web has fundamentally altered the practice of learning. You can learn virtually anything today with an Internet enabled Smartphone or electronic device – all you need to know, is a Google search away. Technology has even made learning better with […]

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