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Today’s episode of the podcast I made an attempt to debunk the idea of job seekers looking for ‘ANY JOB’, No “You CANNOT Do ANY JOB!” I get mails and social media messages regularly from various job seekers, ranging from both active and passive ones to the locals, repatriates and expatriates; all asking for one […]

Foreword By Jimi Tewe “Getting a Job is one thing but getting the right job is something very few people actually achieve in life. It seemed clear to me as I read this book that Segun had done his research and combined his experience to deliver a solution that will help thousands of young graduates. […]

In this week’s podcast episode titled – “No Such Thing As A Lucky Job”, was devoted to correct a misconception that some are luckier than others in securing a job. Life often becomes a frustration if you are unable to attain what you set out to achieve. In this case, to get employed. There are […]

Today’s article is based on a LinkedIn message I received from a friend a few weeks ago, just before the last week’s presidential elections. The message is represented here: “Good morning Segun, please get in touch on this mobile with respect to a recruitment assignment.” Such messages only come my way when there is a […]

On Thursday, August 8, 2013, Ayo and Debbie of Radio Continental 102.3FM hosted me on the e-forum section of the Continental Breakfast Show with Ayo and Debbie. The focus of our discuss was the Hottest Jobs in Nigeria. It was a really interesting time on the show 🙂 The interview session was recorded and I had […]

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