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Editors Note: Today’s was a guest post written for Chika Uwazie in 2011 on her Naija Careerist blog (seems offline now). The wisdom contained in this post is too insightful to be ignored and I had to re-publish the post ‘as-is’ again. Remember to leave your comments after reading. Happy reading 🙂 Hello everyone, it’s a great […]

“Define exactly what life and career success mean to you. It’s easier to hit a clear, unambiguous target.” The above quote is credited to Bud Bilanich, a career coach. I read one of his books recently and thought of anchoring today’s post on it. Let me ask you the question again – what is your definition of […]

Hello everyone, how has your day and week been? Mine started on a little slow note and before I knew, it accelerated… In all it has been a great week and I believe the story is the same at your end also. I started my week on Sunday with this great post: GREAT POST | IT’S […]

Hello everyone, welcome to a new day. My blogging journey has been fun recently and lots of things to blog about. Every employer is always willing to hire an employee with the hope that such an employee would add ‘value’ to the organization. The interpretations of ‘employee value’ by employers differ from time to time […]

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