Some Businesses Are Set-up To Fail! | #MyPost on @VenturesAfrica

VENTURES AFRICA – I believe many would argue with me on the above caption but instead of putting forth a defence for the caption why don’t you read till the end before you do so!

Today’s post is borne out of my experience as an employee with two different entrepreneurial-type organisations. Both had one singular trait in common – they both believed they could start a business from the very scratch and beat the market-leaders in their line of business hands down in a short term (say 6months to 2 years). The 6-month term is similar to the ‘probation period’ given to new employees.

Hello people, the above is an excerpt from my latest Op/Ed, Opinions post on Ventures-Africa.Com titled “Some Businesses Are Set-up To Fail!”. It was published yesterday evening and I had to share it with you all today.

Read the full post here and let me have your feedbacks. 

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