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Every organisation is always in the business of recruitment. On the other hand, potential employees are on the lookout for employment opportunities from organisations that require their skills and competences.

The traditional approach is the usual hardcopy job advert and hardcopy job application. Nowadays this trend can be said to be completely non-existent. Who needs a hardcopy CV when you can send a softcopy via a click of an email?

The interesting part is that a huge number of job vacancies are now being placed on online platforms, compared with the traditional media. Why? The next big thing for jobs is online – online job boards, career sites, and social networking sites. That is where potential employees reside now and not on the ‘streets or their homes’. Any employer or potential employee not playing in the online space is almost ‘disadvantaged’!

The online job space is rapidly getting even ‘more social’ today. Hence, the concept of ‘social resumes’ is beginning to gain traction in the social recruiting space. You can actually apply for jobs today with your LinkedIn profile because we now have online job boards that accept such.

The above is an excerpt from my post on the iPunch column of The Punch Newspaper titled “Social Resume Strategies for Job Seekers” which was published today Thursday, October 16, 2014 both online and in print.

Kindly read the online version of the post here and drop your comments. Cheers :-)

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