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In the world of marketing there is a tendency for seeing the world in terms of brands. A corporate brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or combination of these elements, intended to identify and differentiate a product/service offering in the minds of its customers or clients”. When you recognize a company logo or hear a familiar ad jingle, it instantly brings to mind a brand that usually holds some meaning for you. For decades, traditional marketing departments have been creating campaigns to connect you to their brands. Worthy of note is that a company’s brand is one of the single most valuable asset.

For an SME, brand image usually takes a back seat, simply due to the fact that the SME owner does not have the knowledge of it or does not have the ‘big brand’ budget to champion such a cause. Many SME owners are even overwhelmed by the urgency to get customers and make sales than to ‘waste’ time building a brand image for their business. This post aim to prove otherwise as I briefly highlights the following 3 reasons why you must own your brand image from the very start:

The above is an excerpt from my maiden post on The Spread Media Business Blog titled Small Business Owners: Own Your Brand Image from the Very Start. The post was published this week and I had to share with you all today. Click here to read full post…

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