Selah: Activity Or Accomplishment

Post is based on a life research. Get inspired reading!

A french entomologist once took a caterpillar and placed it on the rim of a flower pot. Inside the pot he placed pine needles, the caterpillar’s favourite food.

The caterpillar began to crawl around the rim of the pot, smelling those pine noodles, and trying desperately to get closer to them. It crawled around for seven days and seven nights, anxiously trying to get to the food its body needs. One week later, the caterpillar died of starvation!

Why you would ask? The caterpillar confused activity with accomplishment!

Hmm, thinking that crawling on the pot rim equates getting into the pot where its food was placed. Pathetic you would agree with me. It suffices to say that this case-study applies to human living in a way.

People don’t get ahead in life by working hard, they rather do so by working smart!

Are you doing the same mistake today?

Be wise!

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