…a work in progress is yet another ‘experiment’ embarked on to further be a source of impact to my world. This is not just a website but ‘an experience’… Lets start by giving a breif bio of the brain behind …meet Segun Akiode. 

Segun Akiode has a passion for knowledge sharing and he is committed to personal development and making impact in his generation. He desires to die empty with his footprint on the sand of history.

A professional bio would read thus; Segun is a Talent Acquisition Specialist | HR Professional | Career coach | Motivational Speaker | Blogger | Aspiring Father | He is a work in progress…

Connect with him | twitter: @segunakiode | FB Profile: Akiode Segun Oluwatosin | LinkedIn: Segun Akiode | FB Page: Nuggets For Nobles

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