Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee – Part 2 [EPISODE 48] #Podcast #UnilagFMInterview

Today’s podcast episode is the second part of the radio show interview I had few weeks ago on Unilag FM Lagos, where I discussed “Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee”. The radio show was very interesting as I had a great time with Deborah.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The right mindset to writing a wining CV or Resume
  • Why your CV is not getting you an interview opportunity
  • How your CV can pass the 30 secs Recruiter Check

Go ahead to download and listen to the podcast episode…


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Credit: Podcast sound track by BenSound.Com

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  1. Hello Mr. Segun, that was very insightful and pretty useful. Keep the good job going!

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