Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee – Part 1 [EPISODE 47] #Podcast #UnilagFMInterview

Few weeks ago, I was on Unilag FM Lagos to discuss “Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee”. The radio show was very interesting as I had a great time with Deborah. This is the first Part of the radio show interview.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Who an Employee and an Employer is
  • How to get a good and well-paying job in Nigeria
  • How to be well prepared to get a job easily in Nigeria 

Go ahead to download and listen to the podcast episode…


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Credit: Podcast sound track by BenSound.Com

1 thought on “Securing and Sustaining Your Career as An Employee – Part 1 [EPISODE 47] #Podcast #UnilagFMInterview”

  1. Wow!!! You blew my head off. I’ve learnt a lot from you in so short a time.
    Thank you somuch. I hope to learn more from you as I improve on my quest to being a better human resource person.
    If I am being aske why am delving into HR ? Will I be right to say bcus I’ve had this urge to help people solve their problems. And also to correct the impression that people ha a out the HR officer which us that they act as u they are the alpha and omega othe organization . As vin try decide your fate weather to remain or not. Will that be a better answer in an interview situation?

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