Recruiters Journal: Getting The Right Job Mindset

Businessman holding the  text Hire MeToday, I’m starting a completely new category on my blog which I would tag ‘Recruiters Journal’. On “Recruiters Journal” I would be sharing from my experience as a talent acquisition specialist. The big picture is for every job seeker that come across this post should be able to draw valuable wisdom which would help make their job search yield better result.

Almost on a daily basis, I get mails and social media messages from various job seekers, both active and passive ones to locals, repatriates and expatriates alike, asking for a job favour or the other. They all have one singular phrase in common – “I need a Job badly”.

A few times, I get to give such call for help a ‘listening ear’ and when I do, some get so impressive while others doesn’t look ready at all. For the later all they are interested in is a ‘pay-check’ and not a job! Why do I make such a preliminary assessment? Please stay with me, read on 🙂

One very big attitude and characteristics that have stood job seekers that get a job offer from those that doesn’t is embedded in their ‘job mindset’.

What do I mean by a ‘job mindset’?

We get out of life what we perceive life to be. You cannot get a job when you have not accepted in your mind that you deserve one. There is a big difference between wishing to have a job and actually knowing that you would definitely get one irrespective of how competitive it is. Focus your effort on mind preparation and not get bored down worrying on where the jobs are.

Every endeavour in life first start with an intention or fragment of thoughts, once nurtured they form ideas which becomes dreams and goals are then set for their actualization. Many a time, these processes are done unconsciously. But before the unconscious mind takes over the goal setting process, the conscious mind must challenge it to do so.

Many people think about their careers and their future in abstract terms. They send an emergency alert – ‘I need a Job’! And you respond with – ‘what type of job are you looking for’ and you get the usual answer of ‘any job’! You need to get out of the box of thinking that you can do ‘any job’ – No you cannot!

You need the right job mindset – I’m the CEO of ME Inc.; I’m not a liability that must be lived with; I’m an asset to be cherished; I’m unique in myself.

Once, you realize these facts about yourself, you can decide what kind of job (problem) do you plan to solve. You are born to solve a problem. Find that problem and you have a job. You may not necessarily be paid to solve that problem now, but never forget once you solve that problem so well, you would one day be paid for solving such a problem.

Most job seekers fail to practice the above and tend to fail often when a job opportunity shows up. So I admonish you, please you need the right ‘job mindset’ to get that job you so much desire. Stop the wishful thinking and start conscious mind preparation.

Watch out for more insightful posts in the days ahead on ‘Recruiters Journal’ 🙂

Till next time, we are all work in progress…

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  1. Oyintomi Famodun

    Well said Segun. Three things are key in getting the desired job: sacrifice, focus and self belief.

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