Praise for #CorporateMisfit Paper-Back

Corporate Misfit 5“Getting a Job is one thing but getting the right job is something very few people actually achieve in life. It seemed clear to me as I read this book that Segun had done his research and combined his experience to deliver a solution that will help thousands of young graduates. I believe his greatest joy will be to hear about how this resource helped you to achieve career success. I join Segun to wish you the best as you take deliberate steps towards Career Success.” – Jimi Tewe, Career Success Catalyst

“This book is written to save every unemployed and even the employed. It does not only focus on the techniques to find a job but also on how important to find YOU first before finding a job that is meant for YOU.” – Tomisin Ajiboye, Principal, Idea Factory Consult

“When a Chemical Engineer delves into human “rigging”, then you had better pay attention. Corporate misfit is your own personal blessing from this simple unassuming author. Segun, thank you for writing this book. God bless you.” – Coach Sam Obafemi, @sobafemi, Life Coach

“The job market is a CROWDED MARKET! DON’T SWEAT like others without targeted knowledge of the job market and its dynamics; get hold of this book and set yourself apart from the ‘wandering generalities’.” – Sam Semako, FOUNDER, CAREER-WISE CONSULTS

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