Your CV Is Not A Career Obituary! [EPISODE 38] #Podcast

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On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared on something intriguing – “Your CV Is Not A Career Obituary!”

Many of you are wondering what do I mean by that – Your CV Is Not A Career Obituary! Yes, I mean it – Your CV Is Not A Career Obituary!

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Many individuals make this mistake a lot when crafting their CV, they tend to add their entire career history on their CV as a result their CV becomes a dull and lifeless account of their career. Hence, instead of having a CV, they have what can be termed a career obituary!

On this episode, you would learn:

  • That the right mindset for writing a CV or résumé is that of a marketing mindset. You’re a product being sold to a potential employer and the goal of your résumé is to communicate what you can do.
  • That your CV or résumé is like a marketing commercial. It is a marketing tool because it is an employers’ first impression about you.
  • The two critical tips to adopt right away to make sure that your CV would not be a career obituary.

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Segun Akiode

Segun Akiode is a Chemical Engineer turned Strategic HR Professional. He is the Author of the fastest selling book "Corporate Misfit: Immutable Career Lessons for Fresh Graduates".

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