You CANNOT Do ANY JOB! #Podcast [EPISODE 42]

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Today’s episode of the podcast I made an attempt to debunk the idea of job seekers looking for ‘ANY JOB’, No “You CANNOT Do ANY JOB!”

I get mails and social media messages regularly from various job seekers, ranging from both active and passive ones to the locals, repatriates and expatriates; all asking for one job favour or the other. One unifying phrase they have in common is – “I need a job”. When I respond with: ‘What type of job are you looking for’ and I get the usual answer – ‘Any job’! Really, ‘Any Job’???

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Wow, you need to get out of the box of thinking that you can do any job. No You CANNOT Do ANY JOB! You need to value yourself enough to realise that you cannot do any job.

One very important attitude and characteristic that has differentiated job seekers that get job offers from those who don’t is embedded in their ‘job mindset’. What do I mean by a ‘job mindset’?

You cannot get a job when you have not concluded in your mind that you deserve one. There is a big difference between wishing you have a job and actually knowing that you would definitely get one irrespective of how competitive it is out there.

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You need the right job mindset, which is I am the CEO of ME Inc! I am not a liability that should be tolerated; I am an asset to be cherished. I am unique in myself.

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