The Brand Called YOU! [EPISODE 40] #Podcast

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On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared on a subject that I am passionate about – The Brand Called YOU!

According to Tom Peters – ‘Big companies understand the importance of brands. Today, in the age of the individual, you have to be your own brand”. I learnt this quote about 7-years ago and my perspective of personal branding has changed completely. I thereby, made a conscious decision to take charge of my personal brand both offline and online.

You might ask – “Why is personal branding important?” Well, everyone has a reputation they’ve developed over time.

Do you know that, over the course of your education, personal and life, you’ve become known for being a certain kind of person, being driven by certain values and passions, and offering certain skill sets and strengths.

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Your Own Uniqueness is what differentiates you from others. Your Own Unique combination of top personal attributes, qualifications, motivating skills (those you excel at AND love doing the most), strengths, values, and passions. These set of traits represent your promise of value to your potential employers – that’s your personal brand!

Often, it is your personal brand that is projected when you meet people for the first time. They very quickly develop an impression of you by the way you relate with them. Remember that, a person’s first impression of someone else remains long after the first meeting.

This is similar to a situation where you have a single opportunity to impress a potential employer quickly, via your resume or during an interview. It is obviously important to ensure that you create the best first impression possible.

We live in a brand ‘new world’ of perception! You decide what others (friends and colleagues) say about you offline, as well as what Google ‘says’ about you online.

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