CV Writing Tips for Job Seekers [EPISODE 9] #Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 9 of Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode.

This is a follow-up discussion to Episode 8.

This week’s episode is dedicated to answer a job seekers question – how does one write a professional CV?

To start with, the right mindset for writing a résumé or CV is that of a marketing mindset. You’re a product being sold to a potential employer and the goal of your résumé is to communicate your value (or what you can do) to the employer. 

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You have to see your résumé as a marketing tool because that is what it is; employers’ first impression about you.

Please note that your résumé or CV does not get you the job offer but it can get you an audience with a recruiter or a hiring a. That audience is an interview opportunity to defend the product called you and land a job.

When a recruiter or hiring manager looks at your CV, your CV must pass the ’30-secs recruiter/hiring manager check’.

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Can your resume pass the 30-secs recruiter/hiring manager check? – Download and listen to this week’s episode to find out how your CV can pass this 30-secs CV check.


Happy Listening 🙂

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3 thoughts on “CV Writing Tips for Job Seekers [EPISODE 9] #Podcast”

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  2. Great podcast sir. I honestly learnt somethings I did not know before. I have a question – Do you consider an applicant with less than a year’s worth of experience a fresh graduate and does he have to include a career objective on his CV?

    1. Ayodeji, thanks for your comment. Glad you found the podcast episode of value to you. To your question, such an applicants with less than 3-years work experience are usually termed an early career applicant. All the best!

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