You Need A Career Makeover [EPISODE 23] #Podcast

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This week’s episode of the podcast is titled – “You Need A Career Makeover”.

Yes, you read right – you need a career makeover!

Considering a few definitions of the word – ‘Makeover’: a makeover is a a complete transformation of the appearance of someone or something; a complete reconstruction and renovation of something; a set of changes that are intended to make a person or place more attractive etc.

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Relating this to a Career Makeover means retooling your career or re-engineering your career. Career makeovers often becomes necessary for many reasons.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When is a Career Makeover necessary or otherwise
  • The symptoms that leads to a need for a Career Makeover
  • About the forthcoming Career Makeover Masterclass (Online session) and how you can be part of it.


Happy listening 🙂

Credit: Podcast Soundtrack by BenSound.Com

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