Basic Technology Skills Job Seekers Must Possess [EPISODE 18] #Podcast

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This week’s episode of the podcast is titled – “Basic Technology Skills Job Seekers Must Possess”.

In my line of work, as a recruiter, when I interview candidates, a question often asked is ‘What is your level of computer proficiency?’

To this seemingly simple question, various shocking answers come up most ridiculous among them was ‘I am good with browsing and I can chat on BBM’ – unbelievable right?

What??? – is browsing and BBM chats same as computer proficiency?

In today’s 21st century job market, it would be almost impossible to believe that job seekers would exist without having computer proficiency and hope to secure an employment opportunity.

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With technology changing quickly and constantly, employers worldwide are looking for tech-savvy job candidates for even non-tech related positions. The implication of this trend is that job seekers are required to have relatively strong tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That given the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, a smart job seeker is expected to evolve along with changing technological trend, if not your job search may be dead on arrival!
  • About 5 of the most sought-after tech skills employers are hoping job seekers would possess to add value to the job.
  • That you need to get on the learning board to acquire the discussed tech skills which are – Business Emailing, Microsoft Office Suites, Computer Keyboard Shortcuts, Basic Computer Storage tools and social media skills.


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Happy listening 🙂

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