No Such Thing As A Lucky Job [EPISODE 17] #Podcast

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In this week’s podcast episode titled – “No Such Thing As A Lucky Job”, was devoted to correct a misconception that some are luckier than others in securing a job.

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Life often becomes a frustration if you are unable to attain what you set out to achieve. In this case, to get employed. There are a few anomaly that keeps me pondering… while some struggle to get just one job offer, some others get multiple job offers and they have to decide which to go for. And I’m tempted to ask – is there anything as being lucky during a job search?

I believe, many of you would relate with the scenario I just painted now and you may be saying in your heart some are luckier than others in securing a job, so one can actually be ‘lucky’ indeed!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That the classic definition of Luck is blind chance, a total accident that happens to you for no reason.
  • That it is a myth to believe that securing a job can happen by mere luck or the existence of a ‘lucky job’.
  • That any job opportunity you find may be based on blind chance but, there is always an input of preparation to secure the job.


Happy listening 🙂

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