How To Keep Your Job in The Midst of Job Cuts with @GbengaTotoyi [EPISODE 13] #Podcast


Welcome to Episode 13 of Career & Employability Talk.

In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Gbenga Totoyi to discuss “How To Keep Your Job in The Midst of Job Cuts”.

It is no longer news that there is a current economic recession and job cuts are inevitable by organizations. Job cuts means a reduction in the ​number of ​jobs in an ​organization, ​industry or area of a country. such reduction leads to people been laid-off. This is a reality many have to be aware of.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why is there job cuts in the economy today?
  • Which industries are most hit or will be hit by the job cuts?
  • How you can position yourself for job cuts as a fresh job seeker (fresh graduate) or experienced  young professional.
  • How you can increase your value as an experienced young professional in employment in the midst of job cuts
  • How you as an experienced young professional can survive the coming job cuts.
  • How you as a fresh job seeker (fresh graduate) can get a job even in the midst of job cuts.
  • How you can cope with job cuts if you are affected by one.

We (Gbenga and I) look forward to answer your likely questions after listening to the podcast. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below.

Happy listening 🙂

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Segun Akiode

Segun Akiode is a Chemical Engineer turned Strategic HR Professional. He is the Author of the fastest selling book "Corporate Misfit: Immutable Career Lessons for Fresh Graduates".

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