Social Media Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid [EPISODE 11] #Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 11 of Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode.

This is a follow-up discussion to Episode 10.

This week’s podcast episode is titled  – Social Media Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid. 

Social media platforms provide a meeting point for job seekers to gain access to recruiters and hiring managers alike.

In my line of work as a recruiter, with special interest in social recruiting, I spend quite a number of time on social media and I do encounter quite a number of funny cum annoying scenarios exhibited by a few job seekers who lack how best to use social media in their favor.

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So for job seekers to use social media to their advantage they must avoid a few social media mistakes discussed in this week’s podcast.

Some of the social media mistakes mentioned in this week’s podcast episode are:

  1. Social Media Sense of Entitlement
  2. Failure to know Your social media audience
  3. Ignoring Social networking etiquette
  4. Lack of a Professional Online Presence
  5. Substituting Social networking with Face-to-face networking

Download and listen to this week’s podcast episode, so you can learn how social media can be your friend as a job seeker.


Happy listening 🙂

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