Personal Branding Using Social Media [EPISODE 10] #Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 10 of Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode.

This is a follow-up discussion to Episode 9.

This week’s episode is titled  – Personal Branding Using Social Media.

Social media is the ravel of the moment and, by all indications so far, it would be so for a while. In these ‘new days’ of social networking, many find it even more comfortable to send a Facebook invite, follow you on Twitter or ask for your BlackBerry pin than ask for your mobile number. A funny trend, right? Welcome to the ‘new world’ my friend!

For every trend in the society, one can induce some applicability to every area of life, even to the job search process. To stand out as a job seeker in the crowded job market today, you need to take social media seriously. This is so because the traditional methods of job searching are gradually fading off with the emergence of ‘new methods’ – web 2.0, social media.

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In this episode, you would learn that:

  • We live in a brand ‘new world’ of perception! You decide what others and, especially, what Google would say about you. How you are perceived as an individual goes to affect your career as well as the type of job you get. In this ‘new world’, employers/jobs are looking for personal brands instead of you looking for jobs. Hence, the need for you to take a conscious effort of taking control of your personal brand, so as to attract employers.
  • Social media are computer-mediated tools where people get to create, share and exchange information in virtual communities with people across different geographical locations. The kind of information differs from pictures, videos, texts etc. The people are in control of what is been shared per time.
  • Personal Branding is the process at which your skills, personality and unique characteristics and packaged into a powerful identity that makes you stand out from others. Your personal brand makes you unique and stands you out from the crowd. 

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Listen to the podcast to learn how to use social media to enhance your personal brand.


Happy Listening 🙂

Special Podcast Mention: Personal brand mention in this episodes are Jimi Tewe, @JimiTewe and Steve Harris., @iamsteveharris.

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