Can You Tell me About Yourself? [EPISODE 35] #Podcast

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On today’s episode of the podcast, I shared on a subject centered on self-discovery titled – Can You Tell Me About Yourself?

Can You Tell Me About Yourself? – It is an intriguing question, right? Yes, it is! This question is synonymous to asking – Can I get to meet you? Can You Introduce Yourself? Who Are You?

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This question is one that is usually asked when you get to meet someone for the very first time and you are trying to gauge who is this person. Often this is a key interview question as well.

Most often than not, many individuals get to answer this question without first taking a pause to ask if they are offering the right answer or not. From my experience, many get the question wrong!

Why do I say so? You would ask? This podcast episode is my justification…

On this episode, you would learn:

  • That as human beings, we are quick to identify ourselves using our circumstances, how others perceive us, our behaviors, or our positions in life. But none of those are really who we are.
  • That you are not your circumstances or what you do? Your circumstances and what you do now would definitely change but that does not necessarily change who you are.
  • That how you answer the question of ‘Can you Tell Me About Yourself’ speaks to whether you have discovered your own ‘unique value proposition’ which is deeply embedded in your personality.
  • That a school of thought believe it is our environment that makes us who we are; others believe that we are born a certain way.
  • That we are all products of nature and nurture! Nature refers to our DNA coding, while nurture refers to the effect of the environment on us.

Go ahead to download and listen to today’s podcast episode right away…


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My charge to you today is to start a journey to self-discovery, as an understanding of ‘who you are’ is a journey and not an event.

“Man, know thyself” – Socrates 

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