Arise and Succeed in Your Career with Samuel Ekundayo, PhD @Dynamieprof [EPISODE 28] #Podcast


In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Samuel Ekundayo PhD to discuss “Arise & Succeed in your Career”.

One of the major causes of frustration in life and career is when you try to separate purpose from your career. The beauty of any job/career is when you link it together with your purpose. When your purpose and calling is matched with your career, it reduces stress and frustration. Simply put, life becomes easy!

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In this podcast episode, you will discover:

  • That one of the ways to avoid frustration in your life is when you find the point of intersection between your purpose/calling in life and your career.
  • That even when you are earning a six-figure salary, if it is not in alignment with your purpose, you would be stressed!
  • The critical steps to follow in order to find purpose in your career and how you can find alignment of your purpose/calling with your career


Feel free to drop a comment below, after listening to the podcast episode, if you require career coaching or have a question to ask. 

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Happy Listening 🙂

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