Are Nigerian Graduates Unemployed or Unemployable? [EPISODE 26] #Podcast

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On this week’s episode of the podcast, I would be sharing on a topic that is close to my heart as a Career & Employability Coach, that topic is – “Are Nigeria Graduates Unemployed or Unemployable“.

There is no doubt that thousands of graduates go through the mandatory NYSC scheme, in Nigeria, on a yearly basis without hope of getting a job after the scheme. However, employers of labour and recruiters have a completely different opinion on this trend. They are of the view that Nigerian fresh graduates are unemployable! 

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So, which is a bigger problem – unemployment or unemployability? Listen to the podcast before you jump into answering this question.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The main differences between unemployment and unemployability.
  • That employers are hiring everyday but they complain that there is scarcity of quality talents in the labour market.
  • That while we wait for a ‘job creation miracle’ in Nigeria, every graduate must take charge of their employability in these three main areas – Skills deficit, Course of Study and Business Demands Disparity, and Sense of Entitlement.

Feel free to drop a comment below, after listening to the podcast episode, if you require career coaching or have a question to ask.

Happy listening 🙂

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Segun Akiode

Segun Akiode is a Chemical Engineer turned Strategic HR Professional. He is the Author of the fastest selling book "Corporate Misfit: Immutable Career Lessons for Fresh Graduates".

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