5 Ways Podcasts Can Enhance Your Career with @iamdayosamuel [EPISODE 30] #Podcast


In this week’s podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosts Dayo Samuel to discuss “5 Ways Podcasts Can Enhance Your Career”.

A podcast is a form of an ‘online radio’. Podcasts as simply episodic online content, which can can either be in audio or video formats. The key word in a podcast is that it is episodic, meaning it is released in episodes which individuals can look forward to on a consistent basis (daily , weekly or monthly).

People listen to podcasts because they are interested in the topic being discussed; they want to receive new information by reason of education; they want to receive some form of encouragement; they want to receive training in a specific area of need; they want to improve their career.

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On this episode, you would learn:

  • That we are in the new age of self-directed learning and a podcast can help you achieve personal development
  • That listening to podcasts can help attain ‘Constant And Never-ending Improvement – CANI’ in your career. Podcasts are a fast wealth of learning and resources.
  • That starting your own podcast gives your own platform; it makes you a spokesperson in your field; with a podcast you can become a thought leader.

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Go ahead to download and listening to this week’s episode, happy listening 🙂


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  1. Very good sound quality!! I seriously need to improve LOL I wish the music was lower though but I really liked the topic. It was interesting.

    1. Iveoma, thanks for stopping by to listen and drop your feedback. I’m glad you love the topic. To your podcast, you can sure improve just get at it. I would work on the podcast background music in subsequent episodes. Thank you once again 🙂

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