5 Job-Search Mistakes You Must Stop! [EPISODE 29] #Podcast

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On today’s episode of the podcast, I would be sharing on a very interesting topic. I would be discussing – 5 Job-Search Mistakes You Must Stop!

A statement of fact is that the principles that govern the job search process are universal in nature; they don’t change from place to place, irrespective of economic peculiarity or political irregularity; though they are often modified, the general principles remain intact.

From my point of view as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, any job seeker that has a mind to win in the talent war must take his/her job search seriously because job searching is a job in itself!

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On this episode, you would discover:

  • That many job seekers miss out on the job opportunities that show up as they are making many job search mistakes.
  • The 5 Wrong Job Search Mistakes you must stop making as a job seeker.
  • How you can correct the job search mistakes as a job seeker and thereby make yourself more employable to an employer.

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I want to believe that today’s episode of the podcast has been beneficial to you. If so, drop a comment below, so I know it has helped you. If you have further career related questions to ask me or you require career coaching, feel free to drop such as well. 

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