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Social media is the ravel of the moment and, by all indications so far, it would be so for a while. In these ‘new days’ of social networking, many find it even more comfortable to send a Facebook invite, follow you on Twitter or ask for your BlackBerry pin than ask for your mobile number. A funny trend, right? Welcome to the ‘new world’ my friend!

For every trend in the society, one can induce some applicability to every area of life. I know many have written and talked about social media marketing in all its form but little is said of how social media can be applicable to the job search process. From my point of view, as a recruiter, any job seeker that has a mind to win in the ‘talent war’ must take his/her job search seriously because job searching is a job in itself!

The above is an excerpt from my post on the iPunch column of The Punch Newspaper titled “Personal Branding on Social Media” which was published earlier today both online and in print. Kindly read the online version of the post here and drop your comments. Cheers 🙂

iPunch_March 4, 2013

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