Overcoming Fear In The Workplace with @iamdayosamuel [EPISODE 65] #Podcast


On this podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosted Dayo Samuel to discuss “Overcoming Fear In The Workplace”

Dayo Samuel is a born teacher-trainer; an Industrial Designer turned behavioural change professional. Fondly called ‘the grandfather of podcasting in Nigeria,’ Dayo is the multiple award-winning host of the popular business and marketing podcast, Audacity2Lead.

Dayo is the creator and leading authority on The Fear Resolve Process which helps busy professionals clear the emotional blocks that are keeping them stuck, or feeling overwhelmed. He developed this process so that motivated people can conquer anxiety, and build the personal power to face challenges with unstoppable confidence.

On this podcast episode:

  • You’ll learn how Dayo Samuel became a behavioural change professional 
  • You’ll learn that FEAR is an energy, fear is a primary and deepest survival emotion humans have. You cannot ‘conquer’ it but you can use it to your advantage.
  • You’ll learn what a fear based workplace is, how fear is killing productivity in the workplace and how to develop the courage and confidence to confront fear.

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