#N4NLaunch Update: Nuggets4Nobles Brand Image Launch

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Facebook commendations ahead of Nuggets4Nobles brand launch:

“Great. May the nobles come. May they be nurtured from here. Thank you for giving to your generation” – Tomide Olukuade, @TomideSpeaking

“Let’s do this” – Tomisin Ajiboye, @tomisinajiboye

“We are good to go” – Grace Solomon-Festus Alao, @Grace_Festus

I have no doubt that there cannot be a better time for this launch 

Yesterday I got a confirmation from far away New Zealand that Samuel Ekundayo, PhD @DynamiqueProf (my brother from another mother) would be ‘live’ to give the inaugural session at #N4NLaunch.

He would join in regardless of the 12hours time difference! I’m so honoured.

He would be ‘teaching’ on “The Shoulder of Giants”. Its a must attend.

Time: 7:00PM (GMT+1) March 1st 2014 in Nigeria | 7:00AM (GMT+13) March 2nd 2014 in New Zealand.

Please follow the hashtag #N4NLaunch and @Nuggets4Nobles for updates.


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…awakening the giant in you!

T: @Nuggets4Nobles

F: Nuggets For Nobles 


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