How To Make Wise Career Decisions – #MyPost on @VenturesAfrica

Because I’m thinking in a broader way, I feel like I am able to make better decisions. – Takafumi Horie

VENTURES AFRICA – When the subject of career decisions or choices comes to mind, one fundamental fact must be accepted –A choice is, most often, nothing more than a best guess—a hopeful step in a new direction. You can only be sure of the right path when you have enough information of both risk and benefits. As it pertains to career decisions, I find the concept of ‘career anchors’ very instructive and directional.

Hello people, the above is an excerpt from my latest post on titled “How To Make Wise Career Decisions“. It was published few days back and I had to share it with you all.

Read the full post here and let me have your feedbacks. 

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