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In the study of science, physical laws are sets of theoretical principles that are generally accepted, proven scientifically and are universally acceptable. A good example is gravitational law; it is no respecter of geographical location or skin colour; it holds true anywhere on planet earth.

With this in mind, I want to make a statement of fact that so are the principles that govern job search world over; they don’t change from place to place, irrespective of economic peculiarity or political irregularity; though they are often modified, the general principles remain intact.

In the world today, there is an intense demand on the government for more job creation. The unemployment rate is increasing geometrically with population increase. But the availability of the jobs seems to be ‘decreasing’ by the day. Employers are hiring everyday but they complain that there is scarcity of quality talents in the labour market, that’s what we call ‘the War of Talent’ in human resources (’The War of Talents’ is a term coined by Steven Hankin of McKinsey Company in 1997).

Hello 🙂 the above is an excerpt from my very first guest post on Jobberman Blog titled “How To Make Your Job Search Easier” which was published earlier today.

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