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Today’s post is based on an SMS I received on January 4, 2012 (around 9.03am to be precise) while I was at my desk at work. If we all remember, that date was exactly three days after the subsidy removal by the Federal Government of Nigeria. How is that connected to this post? You would know shortly. The SMS came from a friend of mine and it started this way “…Segun, good day. Are you still into recruitment?” I don’t always get such SMS, so I knew it was a real need that called for my attention. To cut the chase on the full content of the SMS, it was a call from a ‘potential’ client that had a recruitment need that required ‘urgent’ attention, just as I envisaged.

The uniqueness of my ‘potential’ client is that the client was not from any of the big names in the industry nor was the client a blue-chip/multinational as the case maybe, the client was an SME! SME is a short form for ‘Small and Medium Enterprise’. Usually SMEs can be described as ‘start-ups’ in and are not yet in the league of established businesses in the economy. Many may choose to call them ‘one-man-business’. SME examples are numerous… Supermarkets, Medium-sized Consulting firms, Textile Dealers, Shopping malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Internet café’s, Computer/Business centers etc. The list is endless.

The above is an excerpt from my guest post on Jobberman.com Blog which was published earlier today. The post was titled Where All The Jobs Are Hiding…

Jobberman_Feb 27, 2012

Go read it now and let me have your feedbacks. Read it here…

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