Job Seekers: Social Media Is Your Friend | #MyPost on @Social_Meep

Social media is the ravel of the moment that has come to stay, at least by all indications so far. These days, people find it even more comfortable to send you a Facebook invite, follow you on twitter or ask for your BB pin than ask for your mobile number these days. You know what I mean?

According to a recent Harvard Business Review publication “People may go online to goof off but before long, they talk shop. Social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and even Pinterest can be valuable job-hunting tools.”

Job seekers need to embrace the job hunting side of social media and learn how to harness them to their benefit. Shared below are a few useful job search tips to securing your next job:

The above is an excerpt from my post on SocialMeep.Com titled “Job Seekers: Social Media Is Your Friend”. The post was published last week and I had to share with you all today. Click here to read full post…

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