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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 started out like a ‘normal day’ in my calender until 2pm same day when my twitter TL and mention went literally on fire. Why you would ask? Good question, read on…

I was hosted by The Future Enterprise Support Scheme – TFESS, @TFESSAfrica in a tweet chat with the simple theme of helping job seekers make their job search easier.

This post is an attempt to chronicle some of the  high-points of the tweet chat, with hash-tag #TFESS lasted 2hours, for you all. Please have a great read 🙂









Let me allow you read the remaining part of the tweet chat on TFESS Blog as they had the following to say:

Despite several attempts to reduce unemployment in Nigeria, many youths are still on the street without a job or a meaningful economic activity. Many have attended numerous interviews without getting selected. There are few others who don’t even know how to go about searching for the kind of job they desire after graduation from the University. This has left many young Nigerians with “unanswered” questions about getting recruited. As part of our effort in helping the upwardly mobile generation of Nigeria, we hosted a Twitter interview today with Segun Akiode, a Lagos based Talent Acquisition Consultant to answer some of these questions.

Read the remaining part of the post and tweets here… and please feel free to drop your comments below 🙂

TFESS_Article_Marcg 26, 2013

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