How To Negotiate Salary With An Employer [EPISODE 53] #Podcast

In this podcast episode, I shared from my privileged position as a recruiter on “How to Negotiate Salary with an Employer”.

This is a common interview question, employers usually asks job seekers. For you, as a job seeker, to be able to give an appropriate answer to this question, it is important that you understand what is in the mind of the employer when they ask such question. 

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On this episode, you would learn:

  • That Salary is a perceived worth of the employee by the employer. It is given in exchange for the value an employee brings to the employer.
  • That an employer is always willing to employ an employee it can afford per time and be able to sustain that pay over time.
  • That you, as a job seeker, must understand how employers measure value and be able to demonstrate it at the job interview

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  1. Thanks for sharing this insight. My question is, what happens in a situation where the interviewer ask you of your previous salary and after telling them they ask you what if we cannot afford to pay you up to or above that even when they know you are going to add value to the organization based on your experience .

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