How To Create Your Ideal Career with @TinukemiOlaoye [EPISODE 61] #Podcast

On this podcast episode, Segun Akiode hosted Tinukemi Olaoye to discuss “How To Create Your Ideal Career”.

Tinukemi Olaoye is a Certified Career Coach, a Learning and Development Professional, and a Lawyer. Her personal mission is to inspire, challenge, empower and liberate people to discover and maximise their unique potentials in and through their work. She is the author of “Create Your Ideal Career”.

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On this podcast episode,

  • You’ll learn Tinukemi’s personal story of how she found her own ideal career
  • You’ll get to know how Tinukemi transitioned from being a laywer to becoming a certified career coach

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Special Podcast Mention:

Create Your Ideal Career By Tinukemi Olaoye 

In Create Your Ideal Career, Tinukemi Olaoye shares professional counsel, personal experiences and timeless insights with you so that you can discover your Ideal Career and make it a reality.

When you’re in your Ideal Career, it is easier for you to build and sustain your motivation and excellence at work. This means that you can be and give your best and therefore fulfill your highest potentials in your career.

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