How Self-Discovery Can Help Your Career – #MyPost on @VenturesAfrica

“To be honest, I realized that I’m a good dancer does not mean I should become a professional dancer”

VENTURES AFRICA – The above quote is an excerpt from an email I received, few days ago, from a good friend of mine. The main focus of the email was centred on a career decision she made after reading my recent article titled – “How To Conduct A Career SWOT Analysis”. This quote was so apt and deep sited on a core fact which I narrowed toSelf-Discovery. For young Africans to make the best decisions regarding career, there is need for self-discovery – you need to know who you are!

Hello people, the above is an excerpt from my latest post on titled “How Self-Discovery Can Help Your Career“. It was published over the weekend and I had to share it with you all today.

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