#GuestPost: Getting The Best Candidates on Jobberman

Editor’s Note: This post is a guest post written by The Jobberman Blog as part of their recruiter feature series which I was nominated to be part of. Jobberman is Nigeria’s #1 Jobs Website.

Jobberman_FeatureWith over 200,000 average monthly visits  and a database of over 1 million jobseeker profiles, Jobberman.com is clearly a leading jobs website in Nigeria; offering recruiters and hiring managers a huge pool of potential qualified candidates.

But this opportunity presents a challenge; as a recruiter on Jobberman, you are familiar with the droves of applications resulting from a single job ad and you constantly find yourself stressing over each application in fear of letting your ideal candidate slip. On the other hand, giving your job ad maximum exposure could be a tall order – with several hundreds of employers advertising their job vacancies on Jobberman daily, your job ad moves further down the search results as it gets older, thereby extending the time you’ll need to find your ideal candidates.

So where does that leave you when you are in desperate need of a qualified staff to hire? Jobberman has a huge market share and is hard to ignore when looking for qualified candidates hence requires a well thought out sourcing strategy to get the best of Jobberman.

These are the 7 best ways  to get the best candidates on Jobberman.

#1. Let your job ad be detailed and specific
Say you already have a picture of your ideal candidate; background experience, age range, qualifications and other things relevant to the open role; outline them in your job ad.

Rather than just a list of bullet-pointed responsibilities (or a “copy and paste” of a job description), your ad needs to contain the following things:

  • An attractive and specific headline: This increases your ad’s visibility in the job search results pages and attracts relevant candidates quickly. Avoid the use of industry jargon; if the role is a Public Relations role, “external community officer” might hurt your chances of getting qualified candidates.
  • Job function/responsibilities: Here, you’ll enlist your expectations from the ideal candidate, helping potential candidates envision themselves in the role and by extension discourage unqualified candidates from applying.
  • Essential qualifications: Project management certification; B.Sc. in Mass Communications; etc.
  • Previous experience– e.g minimum of 3 years experience with ad agency or media outlet.
  • Particular behaviours – e.g Open and balanced personality; discrete; able to work well with others at all levels of the organisation; excellent listening skills etc.
  • Salary range – relevant candidates are more likely to apply when a salary is stated.
  • Application deadline
  • Benefits – answer the “what’s in it for me?” question. You can take either of a logical or emotional angle to project your job in good light (training opportunities, salary, off-time/vacation, transport allowance etc.)

#2. Use strong words to emphasize your requirements

Jobberman_pic 1
The use of strong words amplifies your expectation from candidates and saves you the extra effort required to weed out unqualified candidates. If your ideal candidates must know Excel, they MUST know Excel.

The “Advertiser Resources” section on your Jobberman dashboard provides you with step-by-step guide through the hiring process; from writing a good job ad to interviewing tips and more.

#3. Choose the role category carefully

Make sure the category you select accurately reflects the role you are recruiting for, rather than the industry it is in (e.g a secretarial role in an accounting firm should be advertised under Administration and not Accounting). Jobberman provides a choice of categories and sub-categories allowing you to be as specific as possible and attract only qualified candidates.

#4. Search the Jobberman Database

Jobberman_pic 2

The Jobberman Database is a library of hundreds of thousands of CVs and jobseeker profiles that you can search to find the candidates who match the requirements of your position.

You can search using a number of different pre-set criteria including; state, years of experience, age, and education; or you can type in any keyword that best describes your ideal candidate e.g. Football, “Team player” etc.

Using the database, you can build up a list of qualified candidates who are probably unaware you are hiring and didn’t apply for your job. The database gives you access to their profiles and a number of CVs you can download if you are on a premium package.

Which brings the next point.

#5 – Use Jobberman’s Express Candidates or Quality Shortlist Option

Jobberman_pic 3

Jobberman has both free and premium job ad packages. The Express Candidates and Quality Shortlist Option are premium packages with benefits that by far outweigh the cost. These premium packages both come with extra benefits asides having a placement on Jobberman only, they give you an extended reach to qualified candidates in shorter time.

Benefits of these packages include (but not limited to);

  • Job ad placement in top Nigerian newspapers like BusinessDay, Guardian, Leadership etc. For both online and print publications.
  • Access to search  and download choice CVs from Jobberman’s database of over 1 million jobseeker profiles.

#6. Use the Jobberman Screening Tool

Jobberman_pic 4

Advertising a standard job ad on Jobberman still gives your job ad adequate exposure but you are left with several hundreds of applications sitting in your inbox.

This power search tool comes to the rescue by helping you sort through several hundreds of applications to identify wow candidates in a short time and with the least effort.

By upgrading from a standard job ad to a Quality shortlist job ad, you get access to use the screening tool and also download CVs you want.

#7. Refresh after 3 weeks

As stated earlier, hundreds of employers advertise their vacancies on Jobberman daily and by the third week, job seekers will be familiar with your ad.

Normally, most recruiters on Jobberman sort their hiring needs within one week of advertising their vacancies but if your ad hasn’t generated the required response, try refining it to receive more applications within your 60-day job lifespan on Jobberman.

Edit your job description, summary and highlight key aspects to help you capture fresh eyes and more qualified candidates.

Don’t despair. With a bit of effort you can improve results and remove some of the pain from advertising on Nigeria’s no.1 Jobs website.

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