[FREE eBook] How to Leverage Facebook Business Page Timeline for Recruiting | #MyPost on @Social_Meep

According to HireRabbit – the new Facebook timeline is here and brands are redesigning their presence to adapt to it. Facebook’s timeline provides a plethora of new features to increase candidate engagement and tell your brand story in a captivating way.

Timeline is the reverse-chronological display of your brand’s history on Facebook. With timeline, Facebook has introduced some optional (and non-optional) features. In this FREE ebook we will cover the different new features that come with timeline and how they can be utilized for recruitment purposes.

The above is an excerpt from my post on SocialMeep.Com titled “[FREE eBook] How to Leverage Facebook Business Page Timeline for Recruiting”. The post was published this week and I had to share with you all today. Click here to read full post…

SocialMeep_May 23, 2013

Segun Akiode

Segun Akiode is a Chemical Engineer turned Strategic HR Professional. He is the Author of the fastest selling book "Corporate Misfit: Immutable Career Lessons for Fresh Graduates".

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