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Jegede Johnson (JJ for short) was so excited he was called by a business consult just few hours after he submitted his CV on their online portal. But his excitement went down when the consultant informed him that he had been shortlisted for an “assessment centre.”

In JJ’s mind, he asked, ‘What the heck is an assessment centre’? He is familiar with interviews after CV submission but he has no idea what an assessment centre is.

I can sure bet a large amount of job seekers are in JJ’s shoes here. They don’t have a clue what assessment centres are. The term “assessment centre” can be confusing and misleading for many; this is so because, often, they aren’t actual “centres.” Rather, they are a series of job assessment tests, activities, and simulation exercises that recruiters and hiring organisations use to select the right candidates for jobs.

Assessment centres are being used increasingly by employers as a way of selecting candidates for jobs. At assessment centres, several assessors observe and monitor candidates’ performance throughout the various assessment activities they are subjected to, which is usually a whole day’s affair or sometimes for several days depending on the complexity of the job role.

The above is an excerpt from my post on the iPunch column of The Punch Newspaper titled “Demystifying Job Assessment Centres” which was published on Friday, November 14, 2014 both online and in print.

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