Celebrating The Small Victories in Your Career #Podcast [EPISODE 45]

On today’s episode of the podcast I shared on a gratitude topic titled – “Celebrating The Small Victories in Your Career”.

Opening quote by Kara Goucher – “Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great.”

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Many times in life we often focus on what is not working and forget to acknowledge the things that are working. Let me tell you as a fact, you may not be where you want to be in your career journey now but you are not where you used to be.

There are small victories all around you that you need to acknowledge and celebrate. That is the right attitude of gratitude. When you do so, you give yourself permission to do much more great things.

Focusing on the negatives drains you of the courage to proceed and aspire to greater things.

Can take a pause now to recall the small victories in your career till date? Go ahead to list them out, you would be surprised at what you would find.

This is Episode 45 of Career & Employability Talk, I am grateful for the small victories this year 2016. In January, I resumed podcasting after a break after an initial 2014 start.

Just a few days ago, this podcast crossed the 5,000 Downloads mark. That is something worth celebrating. 😀

I can say with all sense of humility that this podcast has impact over 5,000 individuals – that I do not take for granted. I say a big thank you to everyone that has being part of that success journey – for every podcast download.

I celebrate every member of the Nigeria Podcast Network (NPN), you are all part of the small victories of my 2016. I celebrate you all.

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Special announcement – Today’s episode of the podcast is the last episode for the year 2016. From 2017, we will pick up from here with greater impacts.

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