Social Recruiting

02Apr 2013

Social recruiting for many organizations is a fad! Many do not want to go the path of social recruiting for fear of failure and many are still wondering how to use social media to attract, engage and hire candidates effectively. One of the Co-founder of HireRabbit asked HR pros/experts for social recruiting tips that businesses need to know today. Read […]

27Mar 2013

In my first piece on this platform, I gave a working definition of social recruiting as “the effective use of social media networks by employers/recruiters to attract, source, engage with and hire candidates”. I also noted that social recruiting is a growing trend in human resources today and corporate Nigeria needs to wake up to […]

27Mar 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 started out like a ‘normal day’ in my calender until 2pm same day when my twitter TL and mention went literally on fire. Why you would ask? Good question, read on… I was hosted by The Future Enterprise Support Scheme – TFESS, @TFESSAfrica in a tweet chat with the simple theme […]

25Mar 2013

Recruiting top talent has always been a challenge. But with new social recruiting tactics, many companies are turning to online communities and platforms to source candidates quicker and easier. What is the best advantage social recruiting has over traditional recruiting? HR experts give their views, read them below: 1. Making Human Resources Human Again, Digitally Social […]

15Mar 2013

Social resumes is fast replacing  traditional resumes today. Social resumes are usually in digital forms and potential employees can use them to impress recruiters that their are social media savvy thereby standing themselves out from the crowd of job seekers. When you create your social resume, you are, in essence, creating an online presence as a person […]

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